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Set in a near future, technology-reliant society is creating killing machines. Against this backdrop an elite Marine unit is helicoptered in to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility, to test the capabilities of the latest prototypes. They set up positions and make short work of the AI targets in the killing field. However, overnight their sentry goes missing, and when they find the corpse the next day they find themselves in the killing field and the tables have turned. The Marines fight to survive on an island that is overrun by an enemy intelligence far beyond their predecessors, which learns from their every move.
Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.
Just watched Kill Command.<br/><br/>What is there to say? Thirty years ago, you&#39;d go to a video store and there would be lots of futuristic sci fi/cyberpunk/distopian/futuristic military type films available for rental, most of which never made it to the cinema screen and starred actors you&#39;d never heard of and would never see again. THIS is the 21st century version of those types of old VHS film.<br/><br/>Good things in this - the actors can all generally act and are pretty convincing, even in their death throes. The CGI special effects are exceptional in places, moreso for what is a clearly low budget film - the main antagonist (the big bad boy killing machine robot with caterpillar tracks) is truly awesome. Scared the crap out of me. There are times when you&#39;d be forgiven for thinking it was actually a real model of a robot it&#39;s so well done. Why do they always make these killer robots look completely evil?? Anyway, it must be computer generated and its really good! The flying drones which repeatedly kept bugging the squad in the film were less convincing and while I&#39;m sure they were needed to add to some of the scenes, they were generally a nuisance mainly because they were not as realistic.<br/><br/>Battle scenes, flying projectiles and explosions were all pretty awesome.<br/><br/>However, as with everything I still found some faults. The complete lack of a back story of any kind at the outset was pretty lame really. The individual I watched this film with asked me 20 minutes into it if they had missed some kind of Blade Runner-esqe text introduction at the start that I may have fast forwarded… nope. There was none. It would have been much better with a clear back story.<br/><br/>The fact that these highly trained futuristic computer augmented soldiers seemed unable to see these clunky caterpillar tracked robots approaching them in a forest that was hardly dense was also a bit implausible… so you&#39;re telling me a highly trained soldier is sneaking about and this behemoth of a killer murder-droid with half a Sherman tank stuck to it manages to jump on him from out of no-where? Suspend your disbelief if you will, and remember, it&#39;s only sci fi. While I would have been disappointed if I&#39;d been sitting in the cinema watching this it is certainly adequate for (and clearly made for) a home movie. My rating is 5 out of 10. I would watch this again and I&#39;m sure it would be even better second time around.<br/><br/>Low budget film makers take note of this. This is what you should be equaling at the very least.
This is exactly what a B-movie should be like! They knew their budget constraints and made sure to make a movie that would look good within that budget. Far too many B-movie producers mistakenly believe that they&#39;ll somehow magically be able to create an epic $100 million movie, for a 20th of the price.<br/><br/>This movie doesn&#39;t do that. It knows what it is, and how much money it&#39;s got, and spends it wisely. And let me tell you, everything looks gorgeous! That boss robot is the creepiest design I&#39;ve seen since the original Terminator.<br/><br/>The acting is surprisingly good, if a tad bit on the low-key side. But hey, at least they&#39;re not over playing and hamming it up like Shatner&#39;s Kirk, like so many B-movies. :) And besides, the low-key acting actually works well in this movie. I can definitely see everyone involved, from the actors and director, to the cameramen and VFX people moving up to the A-list if they got the chance to work with a bigger budget.<br/><br/>The camera work is really nice, with very competent focus while working with a beautifully short depth-of-field, which is far too often left out of B-movies or otherwise botched. Not here though; in this movie the cameramen knew what they were doing. <br/><br/>The only bad thing you can say about this movie is that script could&#39;ve probably used a rewrite from big-time Hollywood scriptwriter. There&#39;s nothing terribly wrong with it, it just lacks that last 5% to make it a true classic. You know, the difference between a good movie, and an excellent movie that develops a cult following, and a line of merchandise. :) <br/><br/>Overall a solid 10 out of 10, for a B-movie. Compared to all movies I&#39;d probably give it a 7, and I recommend all sci-fi fans to check it out!

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